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Lanzmann on October 11,and have since been carrying out the painstaking work necessary to reconstruct and preserve the films, which consist of hours of interview outtakes and 35 hours of location filming. It weaves together extraordinary testimonies to describe the step-by-step machinery implemented to destroy European Jewry.

He aided Jews by providing free medication and allowing hammer fired 9mm single stack pharmacy to be used as a meeting place for resisters.

hammer fired 9mm single stack

They spend most of the interview in different parts of the Plac Zgody now Plac Bohakerow Gettafrom which Jews were deported from the Krakow ghetto.

They begin walking. Pankiewicz tells Lanzmann that in he got the order to run a pharmacy within the ghetto.

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The Germans first required him to prove that he was not Jewish. From the window of his pharmacy he could see all the deportations from Plac Zgody and the horrible treatment meted out to the Jews.

Lanzmann asks Pankiewicz to describe exactly what he saw. They are standing on Targowa street, the street where the Jews were gathered for deportation, and where Pankiewics's pharmacy was situated. White screen with some audio from to The first slate says "Warsaw" but the interview is clearly in Krakow.

Tausende Mitglieder haben bereits Liebe auf Muslima gefunden.

CR 2 Lanzmann and Pankiewicz are sitting outdoors on a bench on Plac Lwowska in front of a constuction site construction of a tram line? Lanzmann says that an Aryan-run pharmacy in the ghetto was one of a kind.

hammer fired 9mm single stack

Pankiewicz says that he lived at the Apotheke, because he had to be available day and night. He says that after the liquidation [in March ], when the Jews would come from Plaszow, his pharmacy acted as a restaurant, supplying food to them. He talks about the division of the ghetto into two parts, part A where those still capable of work lived and part B where those to be deported lived.

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He describes the barbed wire surrounding the ghetto and the guarded gates at the edges. Lanzmann asks him to describe the "Grosse Aktion" on the Plac Zgody.

Pankiewicz says that Hammer fired 9mm single stack Zgody was the main deportation point and that he saw many terrible things from the window of his pharmacy.

Lanzmann asks whether the Jews were hopeless and Pankiewicz says they were resigned.


He says that when the liquidation came he himself did not eat for three days: he could not go out and he had always eaten in a Jewish restaurant. Pankiewicz says that during the first deportation, in Junethe Jews thought that they were being resettled in the Ukraine.

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However, by the time of the October 28, deportation the Jews knew that deportation meant death. A woman had written a letter to her relatives, telling them that she was in Belzec.

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Shots of people walking through the construction site. No audio.

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Close-up of sign reading 17 Plac Zgody. Another plaque, perhaps commemorating the location.

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The camera pulls in to reveal Pankiewicz standing outside the pharmacy in a white coat. The pharmacy was located on Targowa Street.

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Close-ups of Pankiewicz. Shots of Pankiewicz inside the pharmacy. The slate now reads "Krakow.

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