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Sunday - Do Mondays workout and continue the schedule accordingly You know it! This program focuses on One Muscle Group per hammer strength single arm row with the exception of Arms. It may be broken down into two workouts during the day depending on the amount of time you have to spend in the gym. One thing to remember when going through one of my workouts you should never perform the same workout twice in a row, change things up, different exercises to target the same muscle group, keep your muscles guessing.

Always change things up.

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Cardio is up to you, I always like to do Cardio first to make sure I am loose and have a good sweat going before I pick up a weight. I do cardio 3 days a week when I am in a bulk up phase, I like to stay somewhat lean even when I am trying to put on mass.

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Cardio also makes it easier for me to eat what I want, when I want it. An hour and a half is more than enough time to get through this with 2 or 3 people. When I train with 3 or more people I hammer strength single arm row supersets and trisets for just about everything except legs and chest. Change the exercises up often and try to consistently add more weight to your big lifts.

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Always have a workout partner to help push you through tough sets and use them for forced reps. Flat bench rep warm up, rep, rep, rep, rep, rep burn out. Dumbbells or Barbell Incline Press 12 rep warm up, 8 rep, 6 rep, 4 rep. Slow, controlled movements, no bouncing! Smith Military Press rep, 10 rep, 10 rep, 8 rep bar comes down in front of chin Arnold Presses every other week, same rep set.

Upright rows 12 reps drop the weight by 10lbs, 12 reps drop 10 again, 12 reps x 4 Sets. I alternate cables and Barbells every other week. Side laterals 4 sets of 12 reps.

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Plate raises Arms straight out, look through the hole and down. Alternate this with Barbell, Dumbbells, Straight bar or Shrug bar, every other week. Seated Preacher Curls — 12 full curls followed by 12 halfway down and up X 3 sets. Stand in the middle and pull the handles to the back of your ears keeping your elbows up and out to the side. Concentration Curls — sitting with elbow inside your knee.

I do 3 sets non-stop to failure on each set until I have done 3 on each arm. Triceps All supersets or Trisets Flat Dumbbell Scull crusher — Lay on the bench sideways with your neck and shoulders on the bench. Take the dumbbell above your forehead with your elbows straight up and not moving.

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Take the weight all the way up to lockout then back down past your forehead. Hammer strength single arm row 12 reps then take the dumbbell off your chest and do a burn out.

Hammer strength single arm back row

Similar to a close grip bench but with the dumbbell. Your arms should come up past parallel then down to lockout.

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Keep your nose on the cable and use only Triceps no shoulders. Take the rope overhead and turn away from the cable. Lean forward bracing your gluts on the machine, take the cable over your head to lockout keeping your elbows high above your ears.

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Make it a triceps exersize more than chest. Kickbacks — Lean over and brace yourself with one hand, keeping your elbow tight and in line with your shoulder as you take the weight back and lockout your arm.

I Always go to the front and down to my chest, never behind by neck. Seated Row — Do this as a superset with Hammer pulls. Go very heavy on this and keep your back straight. You should bend down only past single party bottrop knees then begin your pull back up until your hips come forward.

I try to shrug my shoulders up and back attempting to squeeze my back together. Bowl of Oatmeal Carbohydrate.

Wir erklären dir, wie es geht: 1. Für diesen führst du zunächst einarmige Bizepscurls durch. Stelle dich dazu aufrecht hin und halte eine Hantel in der Hand. Diese hebst du nun nur mit der Kraft deines Oberarms auf und ab. Innerhalb der Bewegung drehst du dein Handgelenk, sodass sich die Hantel an der niedrigsten Stelle neben deiner Hüfte und an der höchsten Stelle vor deiner Schulter befindet.

Egg whites, Low fat penut butter on wheat bread. Post workout supplements. Concentrate on Proteins. Should be a low carbohydrate meal. Low fat meats.

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I try to get protein into my system every two - three hours during the day. I also follow a strict supplement program that is taken during the day with along with my meals.

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The supplements I use and when they are taken can be found with my workout. It is important to take in carbohydrates in the morning and afternoon with small amounts of carbohydrates at night.

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