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Son of a Jewish businessman from Breslau, Ferdinand Lassalle studied philosophy at Berlin, where he came into the Young Hegelian circle.

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It was in this milieu that Lassalle met and befriended Karl Marx the sentiment was not quite reciprocated. In the upheavals ofFerdinand Lassalle became involved with the Neue Rheinische Zeitung and was briefly arrested for his activities in Dusseldorf.

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Subsequently earning his living as an attorney, Lassalle's earliest works were primarily conventional works of literature, philosophy and law, but he remained involved in public affairs. Ferdinand Lassalle did not adopt Marx's ideas but rather subscribed to the "State Socialist" single party gotha of Rodbertus.

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Drawing on his Hegelian roots, Lassalle condemned the " liberal " perspective of government as a mere guarantor of law-and-order, arguing that government is and has always been an agent of social change, for better or for worse. It was consequently mere common sense to harness the State's power for social "betterment". So, rather than condemning private behinderten partnersuche as such as more radical socialist didLassalle was keen to point out that the State socialism ought to merely "fix" the social ill-effects of capitalism.

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A believer in Malthus 's population doctrines, Lassalle argued that Malthusian wage-fertility dynamics ensure that workers will be forever condemned to subsistence wages unless they managed to also retain profit for themselves. It was Lassalle, incidentally who coined the term "iron law of wages" to describe the Classical theory.

Lassalle's belief in the iron law seemed to "exempt" capitalists from direct blame for the plight of worker incomes.

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However, unlike Rodbertus, Lassalle did not believe that it was enough to merely supplement capitalism with State redistributive schemes to raise workers' incomes. Rather, he primarily advocated the setting up new worker-run cooperative enterprises with State-provided capital to compete and eventually replace private capitalist enterprises.

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In this manner, workers would retain their own surplus value and the politically-contentious issue of income redistribution could be momentarily side-stepped. In a manifesto, Lassalle articulated two concrete goals for the movement: universal suffrage and the introduction of State-sponsored producer cooperatives.

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The opportunistic Prussian Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, co-opted Lassalle's agenda and support, believing that the working class would be a good ally for him in his struggle against bourgois liberals. However, before anything came of this, Lassalle was killed in a duel over a love affair.

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The division between Lassallians and Marxians continued for the next decade after his death. However, the resulting manifesto of the united party was more Lassallian than Marxian single party gotha content. Marx fulminated against Lassalle's doctrines in single party gotha Critique of the Gotha Program.

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Lassalle was highly influential on the German Historical School and the Marxist revisionist Eduard Bernstein who wrote a biography of Lassalle in

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