Singles im odenwald. Egotronic + Johnny Weltraum – Odenwald (Single) ::: Review (2016)

Braumanufaktur Steckenpferd Brauerei, Bar & Galerie in Kassel
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Recently renovated clean apartment, very hot - as we have been warned by the owner - but we thought sleeping w open windows would be singles im odenwald.

We were also warned about construction work in the yard, but after the owner promised that the work will start at 10am, we decided to go for it.

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First morning we had a early awakening due to construction noise combined with some treecutting in a neighboring garden. Ingrid single sindelfingen I called owner to complain that the work started earlier than we were assured it would, he told us that he will talk to the crew.

Also we asked for soap in the bathroom - as the previous evening we were unpleasantly surprised by the absence of such basic convenience.

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The reply was that this was a vacation rental and soap was not to be expected. Which, for the price normally paid for two decent double hotel rooms I found preposterous. Nevertheless next evening we found soap in the bathroom and a bottle of wine with a conciliatory note in the apartment.

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The next 4 nights we slept singles im odenwald closed windows and fans switched on, which was sweaty business, but at least relatively quiet. Keeping the windows open wouldn't have been an option anyway because the next nights were at risk for rain, which could have potentially caused water damage.

The only other peeve we had were the cushions, which were enormous but underfilled and lumpy, and the linen was clean but of low quality. Auch die ehemalige Baustelle.

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Die Art der Kritik entspricht dem Umgangston, den wir vor Ort erleben mussten. Alles sehr unkompliziert und freundlich, habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt.

Die einzeln stehenden Betten sind etwas ungewöhnlich Published Nov 11,

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